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Doing something about the weather

"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it."
- Charles Dudley Warner (The Hartford Courant, 1897)

Given our late starting spring, there are no doubt those who wish someone could do something about the weather.

Well, meteorologists cannot do much about actual future weather conditions, of course.

But many weather-sensitive professions are using the expertise of meteorologists who make a career of “doing something about the weather.”

Forecasting the weather naturally comes to mind when it comes to dealing with Mother Nature’s whims and impacts on industry.  In addition to my television duties, I have been blessed to be able to provide predictions for many weather-sensitive industries and businesses through my consulting firm. From Hollywood motion picture filming to airport operations to far-flung yachting regattas, the clientele I have served through the years is almost as diverse as the weather itself!

But did you know that there is also a weather sensitive profession that depends on addressing past weather concerns?

Lawyers and insurance adjusters have found that a litany of cases dealing with such matters as personal injuries, economic losses and felonies often revolve around what the weather conditions were like.
For example, in slip and fall litigation, a forensic meteorologist may be called upon to determine whether a portion of a parking lot was icy at a particular time.  This determination may be made through carefully studying past meteorological records, conducting site inspections, reviewing depositions and photographs, and then extrapolating what the conditions were.

I estimate that I have handled approximately 2,000 slip and fall cases in my career and while some may have been similar, no two were alike.  And my services, and those of most forensic meteorologists, are available for use by counsels for both plaintiff and defendant.

While most cases tend to deal with civil law, criminal law can also require the services of a forensic meteorologist.  For example, in a case in New Hampshire, we worked with attorneys trying to assess the age of footprints in the snow in order to develop a time line relative to a serious assault.  This was accomplished by determining, via data and photographs, the depth and age of the snow pack and the timing of the most recent accumulating snowfall.

So, if you are looking for a meteorologist to ward off any more cold spells this spring, I’m afraid I can’t help you.  But if you are looking for help determining whether it was icy on a certain night in the past relative to an insurance or legal matter, there is help available.


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