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Lose Something On Your Computer?

A backup plan, properly executed can minimize the chance of losing any of your important data.  Read this week's In The Classroom to learn how.  But first, here's the latest news...

In The News

Security Updates For Your Windows Software

  • On Tuesday, August 10 Microsoft will be issuing a number of important security updates.  Click on the following link to get them - Windows Update

Back To School - Multi-Function Printers

  • Shopping for a new printer?  This PC Magazine article provides some useful information.  Multi-Function Printers

Buyer's Guide To Smartphones

Frustrated with Facebook?  Create Your Own Social Network Website!

10 Must-Have Windows 7 Gadgets

  • Windows 7 offers many new & improved features...here's a few of them - Gadgets

Free Apps that will save you $$$

This week’s focus is on FREE…namely free software…and who doesn’t like free?  There are many free apps that will fill almost any need you may have.  Historically the problem has been finding good free apps that work well and don’t blast you with incessant pop-up ads or install malware on your computer.

In The Classroom this week I will show you how to find “the good stuff”.

In the NEWS

  • Security - if you're looking to upgrade to one of the best security suites available for home users, this review tells you what you need to know… Top Rated Security Suites
  • Turn Your PC Into an Entertainment Center - You can use your Windows 7 or Vista PC to watch and record programs--just add a TV tuner. Also, create a music playlist… Using Windows Media Center
  •  Five tips for speeding up a slow PC - Help your PC run faster with these tips… PC Speed-Up
  •  A More Secure Browser - This modified version of a Firefox browser helps keep your computer safe from internet malware… A More Secure Browser
  •  5 free online services that store, sync and share your files - Upload your files to the "cloud" and access them from anywhere... Free Online Sync & Share

Computers 101 – Issue #2 - Protecting Your Computer From The Bad Guys

As we discussed last week, there are numerous potential dangers on the internet and it is wise to protect your computer against them.  While no single approach is 100% effective, there are things you can do to significantly reduce your risks.  Installing a router between your computer and the internet is one way to greatly enhance your safety.  This week’s “In The Classroom” tip explains what you need to know.

And In The News

  • Wal-Mart and BestBuy in a Laptop Price War!

Computers 101

Welcome to my blog.  As implied by the title, this blog is targeted to novice computer users – but even experienced users may learn a trick or two along the way!  It is divided into three main sections.  First, a news section that will discuss some of the latest happenings in the computer technology marketplace.  Second, an educational section that will provide you with many tips, tricks and how-to’s.  And lastly a question and answer section where you can submit your questions to me.  I will attempt to answer all questions by return e-mail and I will select a few questions for posting on the blog for all to read.  Above all, I will respect your privacy and never reveal any personal information you may provide.  Finally, on a technical note, my knowledge and experience is with Windows-based PC’s.  I have very little experience with Apple computers and will not be discussing them here.  Ok, let’s get started…..