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Irondequoit officers rescue puppy from dumpster | Pets

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Irondequoit officers rescue puppy from dumpster

You might say it was a lucky day for this dog.

A woman who lives in the Laurelton area of Irondequoit was out walking her dogs through the rear, south parking lot at the Peace of Christ parish at St. Ambrose Church, 25 Empire Blvd., Irondequoit, just after 6 a.m. this past Sunday, March 4, when she heard whining and barking coming from inside a Dumpster in the area. She notified 911 and waited.

Irondequoit Police Officer Jim Shotwell and Sgt. Jonna Izzo responded, and discovered a blue plastic pet carrier in the Dumpster. Inside the carrier was a white and black pit bull puppy. There was no food, water or blanket inside the carrier. The temperature was in the 30s, Shotwell said, and the puppy was visibly shaking.

The woman who called 911 did tell officers she had walked through the same area Saturday night and did not hear any noises from the Dumpster.

Shotwell and Izzo not only removed the puppy and carrier from the Dumpster, but also fed it, provided water, gave it a bath and treated it for fleas before turning it over to an Irondequoit Animal Control officer. They noticed that the puppy appeared to have a broken or malformed left front leg, though she was capable of walking on her own.

Luckily -- this puppy's story has a happy ending. The animal control officer took the puppy to a local, emergency shelter — and reported to the officers that it was adopted on Monday.

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