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Postal worker who says he was poisoned by package from "Yemen" talks to News10NBC | News

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Postal worker who says he was poisoned by package from "Yemen" talks to News10NBC
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Postal worker who says he was poisoned by package from "Yemen" talks to News10NBC

It's a real mystery as to what happened to a local man working for the postal service office in Florida. He says a package he handled last year was toxic and has made him incredibly sick. But he says the Postal Service doesn't believe him.

He felt good enough today to talk on camera with us today.

A good day is when Jeff Lill isn't totally nauseous and in pain all the time. He was still in bed when we talked to him today.

There's no doubt he's sick. The question is -- what made him sick?

He says it was a package about 20 pounds and the sender's address was in "yemen" and the thing that made him know it was trouble was the smell.

"It was worse than turpentine. It was something that would tell you that this isn't right," Jeff Lill said.

Lill -- who is somedays confined to his bed -- says he picked up the package ran it outside and evacuated the building. He says something was dripping out of the package that looked like molasses. And before he put it in a hazmat box outside the Postal Service's distribution center in Orlando he read the writing on it.

"It was pretty clear that it said Yemen and the rest of the from was written in a different language," he said.

Immeidiately Lill could feel burning on his hands and throat. In a month it felt like he had the flu. Then he says he started losing motor skills and his memory. By mid-summer -- his condition got even worse.

"The nausea was so bad I couldn't even go to, I mean it was 24 hours hanging over the bowl," Lill said.

Jeff Lill has lived here in Irondequoit at his mom's place since November. He says he's seen almost 30 doctors and to a person they say they can't really help him unless they know what the substance was on that package. But there's the problem, no one knows where that package is.

Lill thinks the Postal Service has it somewhere but won't tell him and he says the Postal Service doesn't believe his story.

"They have no comment for me and the comment for me is also we have no comment for you jeff and we don't believe that actually happened to you," he said.
"They think you're making this up?" I asked.

We contacted the U.S. Postal Service for a comment today and so far we have no response.

Where does Jeff Lill think this package is?

He thinks it was either destroyed or put in a barrel and buried at the Postal Services' hazmat site in Kentucky. But he's not sure.

He says some of his co-workers were feeling sick the day the package arrived. But he says no one came down with the symptoms he's had for more than a year.  

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