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Coyotes in Irondequoit? | News

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Coyotes in Irondequoit?
Coyotes in Irondequoit?

There has been a report of coyotes in Irondequoit and one of our viewers thinks coyotes have gotten her two cats.

Every so often there are reports of missing cats and coyotes being seen in the same area. D.E.C has one report of a coyote acting aggressively. Coyotes in suburban areas that have lost their fear of people should be considered dangerous.

Coyotes are most active at night. But if not threatened, they will hunt during the day.

Amy Dumont's two cats, Mickey and Tigger, are missing. An acquaintance told her of seeing nine coyotes crossing the Titus/Culver Road area at about four in the morning recently.

Dumont said, “I did the research on line and coyotes definitely love a cat delicacy.”

Dumont says her felines were indoor cats that occasionally got outside through an open door. Both did not come home.

Dumont said, “They're definitely 'lovey dovey' cats. You could tell. They would come up to anybody and want to be petted and want to be touched or what not. They came from a wonderful home, lots of toys and affection.”

DEC wildlife manager Mike Wasilco says the months of March and April are when coyotes are setting up their den areas for their pups.

Wasilco said,” They need the extra food to raise their young. So the female nursing has to eat more. So they will take whatever food items are easy to grab. And in a suburban area a lot of times cats are that item."

D.E.C. has received one report of a coyote in Irondequoit that appeared to be acting a little more aggressively than normal towards people.

Wasilco said, “You should not necessarily fear them but you should be conscious if they're starting to show aggressive behavior towards people."

Dumont said, “And unfortunately, to have such a good pet go missing with how I think they did with the coyotes, it's just heartbreaking, definitely heartbreaking.”

D.E.C. says coyotes in suburban areas that have lost their fear of people should be considered dangerous. D.E.C. has some helpful tips on how to deal with coyotes.


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