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How many calories are in your Thanksgiving dinner? | Families

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How many calories are in your Thanksgiving dinner?
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How many calories are in your Thanksgiving dinner?

When you sit down to eat your Thanksgiving meal on Thursday -- will you be thinking about the calories?

How many calories are in a typical Thanksgiving meal? News 10NBC spoke with the experts today and came up with a number.

News 10NBC sat down with Clinical Nutrition Specialist Heather Fiore and first we came up with a list of foods that make up a typical thanksgiving meal and then calculated the calories per serving.

Here’s the breakdown:

- A six-ounce piece of turkey = 300 to 400 calories.
- Half a cup of gravy or cranberry sauce = 150 calories.
- Half a cup of green bean casserole = 160.
- Half cup of potatoes = 150 calories
- One roll = 100 calories
- Half cup of sweet potatoes (with marshmallows and brown sugar) = 300
- Stuffing = 150 calories (per serving)
- Pie (depending on the kind) = 200 to 500 calories a piece (pecan has the most calories)
- One glass of wine/beer = 150 calories.

That gives us a total of 1,710 calories but that’s only if you follow the strict serving sizes – that means no going up for seconds.

The experts say that calorie count is very low with most people will eat 2,000 to 4,000 calories but there are ways to keep yourself in check.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Stephen Cook said, “Use it as a time to talk and discuss, to reconnect with family about things that are important that hopefully will slow you down and make you more mindful of how you're eating.”

Clinical Nutrition Specialist Heather Fiore said, “If you go back on Friday to your normal appropriate eating then you should be fine. You should be in the clear. That’s the hard part for people -- getting back to normal eating, especially with the leftovers.”

The leftovers really trip people up. The experts recommend only leaving your family enough leftovers for one day and sending the rest home with friends and family.

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Families, Health, News

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