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Police: Irondequoit man forced his way into neighbor's apartment, assaulted female occupant | Crime

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Police: Irondequoit man forced his way into neighbor's apartment, assaulted female occupant
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Police: Irondequoit man forced his way into neighbor's apartment, assaulted female occupant

A woman is attacked at knife point at an apartment complex in Irondequoit and police say the suspect has been in trouble with the law before. 

Irondequoit Police say the suspect and the female victim lived in the same apartment building. Neftali Andujar, 57, is charged with burglary and assault. Police say this is not the first time Andujar has been in trouble with police. In fact, he’s been convicted of at least one felony before. News10NBC is not sure what that was. 

The complex where he lived is Sycamore Green, off Norton Street, in Irondequoit. News10NBC spoke with a woman who knew the suspect and the woman police say he attacked. 

Luz Mendez, neighbor: Yes, I did know him and he was a great neighbor. I don't understand how this happened. We were all great neighbors.” 

Luz Mendez was shocked when her friend and neighbor told her she was attacked by a man who lived in their same apartment building.” 

Mendez said, “We always you know look out for each other so I don't understand how this happened, something so tragic.” 

Irondequoit Police say that on Monday, 57-year-old Naftali Andujar broke into his neighbor’s apartment and attacked her with a kitchen knife. She suffered lacerations to her arm. She was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released. 

Investigator Mark Bean, Irondequoit Police, said, “He was going in just with the intent, he was upset, angry at the people and it didn't appear that he wanted to steal anything.” 

Police say Andujar also attacked a male acquaintance that lived in another unit. 

Investigator Bean said, “There are some issues that we're dealing with during the investigation that we're looking into to make sure nothing else is going on. But it just seems that for some reason he was on edge lately.” 

Mendez said, “He was a great neighbor. I really don't understand how this, you know, something like that would ever happen.” 

News10NBC wasn’t able to talk with the woman who was attacked, but police say she is doing fine. 

Investigator Bean said, “She's relieved. There's an order of protection in place, and she's just glad to see that he's not going to be back in the apartment complex.” 

Mendez, however, is torn. He was a friend, a neighbor and now he’s being charged with harming someone they both knew. 

Mendez said, “I'm sad and happy at the same time because he had to pay for what he did. But you know I didn't want him of course to be in jail.” 

Andujar is being held in the Monroe County Jail without bail. A felony hearing is scheduled for Thursday evening at Irondequoit Town Court. Andujar is being held without bail because of prior felonies. Police say there’s a good chance that because he is a predicate felon, the case could get waived directly to the grand jury.

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