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I Team 10: Same store burglarized twice in one week; thefts caught on tape | Business

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I Team 10: Same store burglarized twice in one week; thefts caught on tape
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I Team 10: Same store burglarized twice in one week; thefts caught on tape

A burglary in progress caught on surveillance tape -- not once -- but twice in one week at the same local business.

Storms Smoke Shop on Ridge Road in Irondequoit has been the target of nighttime thieves this past week .

Paul Storms has only been in business for three months, but when we visited him, he was sweeping up glass off the floor for the second time in a week...the aftermath of a Monday morning break in at his smoke shop.

"It's extremely frustrating, not only monetarily, but also emotionally. And it's getting to the point of, do i really want to stay in this business," Storm said.

Despite video surveillance cameras prominently displayed in his store, the thieves did not seem concerned. And tonight I-Team 10 can show you the burglaries in progress.

The first occurred on Tuesday, May 15th, around 10 pm. The footage shows how brazen the men are as one throws something at the door, smashing the glass and allowing them to slide in. 
Storms says there was a malfunction in the motion sensors, preventing the alarm from sounding.

"The first group seemed to take a variety of everything," he said. "They had a lot of time in the store."

The men spend about 20 minutes picking through cartons of cigarettes, boxes of cigars and various glass pipes, putting them in plastic bags before slinking off into the night.

Six days later, storms smoke shop is hit again. Two men arrive and enter the same way.
"The second group, the alarm system did work. They were in and out very quickly. Once they came in, it was less than 8 or 10 minutes before the police were here," added Storm.
Although police don't believe the break-ins were committed by the same men, they do note similarities in how they're dressed, how they got in and what they took.

Irondequoit Police Investigator Mark Bean says they haven't ruled out that the break-ins could be related.
"A lot of the younger kids share information with each other. They could be related that way. They work in groups sometimes," said Bean.

In both cases, the the thieves weren't wearing gloves. Another thing that stood out to us, and police want you to take notice of is this bag one of the men was carrying in Monday's break-in. It's distinct, and investigators believe, with the public's help, it might lead them to the suspects.

As for Storms, he has this warning to the crooks.

"The message that goes out is that I will use whatever means I have to, legally, to make sure that this doesn't continue happening."

On top of an enhanced alarm system, Storms says he is looking at putting a grate over part of the door, a camera outside and possibly keeping guard dogs on site at night.

Business, Crime, News, People

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