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Computers 101 – Issue #2 - Protecting Your Computer From The Bad Guys | Technology

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Computers 101 – Issue #2 - Protecting Your Computer From The Bad Guys

As we discussed last week, there are numerous potential dangers on the internet and it is wise to protect your computer against them.  While no single approach is 100% effective, there are things you can do to significantly reduce your risks.  Installing a router between your computer and the internet is one way to greatly enhance your safety.  This week’s “In The Classroom” tip explains what you need to know.

And In The News

  • Wal-Mart and BestBuy in a Laptop Price War!

 In The Newsroom…

  • Wal-Mart and BestBuy in a Laptop Price War

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  • Windows Live Photo Gallery

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  • iPad competition begins to surface

Here’s the scoop on three other tablet computers looking to challenge Apple’s iPad…Read_More

  • Looking for the perfect laptop?

Watch this video from Digital Goddess Kim Komando for tips on buying both Macs and Windows laptops…BUYING THE PERFECT LAPTOP FOR YOUR NEEDS

In the Classroom…

  • Why you really should have a router

A router is a physical device that sits between the internet and your computer(s).  You plug the cable from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) into the router and then plug your computer(s) into the router.  You may already have a router installed if you have a wireless connection that was provided by your ISP.  A router provides the following:

  • Most routers provide a built-in firewall that will effectively block the majority of attempts by the “bad guys” to get at your computer and personal information.  This is an excellent safety feature.
  • Routers allow multiple computers to share an internet connection.
  • You can set-up a router to block access to certain websites.  This is especially valuable if you have children using the computer.

If for no other reason than safety, a router is well worth the cost.  Setting up a router used to require considerable knowledge and network expertise.  But today’s routers come with improved installation software and instructions that makes this task very simple for the average user.

For a guide explaining what you need to know about buying a router, please click on the following link…How To Buy a Wireless Router

A router is only one tool in your internet safety toolbox.  For a complete in-depth discussion on Internet Safety by Leo A. Notenboom, please click on this link: Internet Safety

In the Mailroom…

Last week I showed you how to change your mouse pointer and speed of movement.  This week another reader asks:

  •  “I am having great difficulty double-clicking my mouse to open programs and documents.  I usually have to do it 3 or 4 times before it works.  Do I need to clean my mouse or should I just go buy a new one?”  It is possible that your mouse is not working properly but more likely that your double-clicks are not being “seen” by your computer.  You can try adjusting the double-click speed in the mouse properties window (see last week’s tip) or do what I do…eliminate the need to double-click in the first place!!!  Here’s how to do it:
    • Click “Start”, then click “Control Panel”
    • From “Control Panel”, double-click the icon labeled “Folder Options” (see image below).
    • On the “General” tab, look for the “Click items as follows” section and click on “Single-click to open an item”. (Either of the “Underline” options will work just fine…your choice).
    • Click the “Apply” button at the bottom and then click “OK”
    • You should now be able to single-click on your programs and documents and they will open.

 A reader from Chili asks:

  • “What are keyboard shortcuts and how do I use them?”  Keyboard shortcuts are a way to send commands to your computer using just the keyboard instead of the mouse.  For example, if you have copied something to the clipboard and you want to paste it into an application (like Word or Excel) you can use the mouse and click on the “Paste” command or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-V”.  To use the keyboard shortcut, depress and hold the Ctrl key, press and release the letter “v”, then release the Ctrl key.  The contents of the clipboard will be pasted into your application.  With a little practice you can have one hand on the mouse and the other hand on the keyboard and quickly and easily perform many tasks.  There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts available.  Click on this link (http://www.microsoft.com/enable/products/keyboard.aspx) for a list of them.  Don’t try to memorize all of them.  Simply look through the list and find one’s you think you may use and start using them.  Before long you’ll be a pro!

Having a problem with your computer or just want to ask a question?

E-mail your questions to me and I will get you an answer.  Be assured I WILL NOT divulge your e-mail address or identity.  Thank you.

That’s all for this week…Happy Computing!!!


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