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Changes to be made on pavement markings on Route 590 in Irondequoit | News

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Changes to be made on pavement markings on Route 590 in Irondequoit
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Drivers demanded changes on Route 590 at the 104 split and now they’ll get them. The State Department of Transportation just announced it’s already working to change some pavement markings on 590.

The re-striping will mean some lane closures on 590 this week. Just one week after a contentious meeting between DOT and residents, changes are being made.

Most of the re-stripping will create more lanes or longer ones. The merge lane from Seabreeze to 590 south will become about three times its current length. That work started Monday. 

And northbound on Route 590, the single lane from Ridge Road to Titus Avenue will be opened up to two lanes this fall. In the spring, more changes will be made.

Northbound, just north of 104 west, will be opened to two lanes. And southbound at Titus, a second lane will be extended to Ridge Road. A lot of details, but all in response to the problems brought up by the public.

DOT officials say they learned a lot from this project and the public’s opinion matters.

“We clearly under-estimated the impact that this would have on motorists when we first led this project and of course, that’s why we’re here today to take that into account and make adjustments as needed,” said David Goehring, DOT Regional Traffic Engineer.

Work is already underway. Some ramps will be closed or reduced to one lane from 9am to 4pm tomorrow and Wednesday. Then more work will be done in the spring.


News, Transportation

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